Monday, 11 February 2013

Chinese Chess set

Consists of a multitude of silicon moulds including a yin yang ball,slanted base and the individual pieces on top.The pictures of the moulds are on the next post.
The chess pieces are designed around a chinese theme.The castles are old chinese temples, the knight is represented by a chinese lion and the bishop is an experienced chinese warrior. The King is a Buddha seated on a dragon's head and the queen is represented by a princess seated on a falcon. The pawns are based on The Terracotta Warriors. I tried
to combine the old and the new, with the base having
a modern design and the ball and piece having an old
fashioned design. I recently completed the entire set
pictures to come soon.
                                                                                                        Stand-up animation character
This is an animation character with
detachable arms, legs, head, eyes and head phones. The arms are made from expanding foam covered in latex. A silicon mould was used to make multiple heads so the mouths could be sculpted in. His arms were made using a two part plaster mould. His torso has iron filings in it and magnets in his trousers part so that his belly can rotate. I used animation wire within his arms and legs so that they can bend. He's made from all of the above, tin foil and sculpy. The guitar is made from wood, foamex and string.