Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Reloading Metal Crossbow.
This is a pump action crossbow with a detachable magazine which holds ten arrows. The arrows are also made of metal with a nail protruding from the front. I pinned dog hair to the back of the arrow to ensure that they flew straight.
This crossbow works in the same way as a pump action shotgun. As you pull back the string using the handle at the front of the crossbow, the string  locks and a bar releases an arrow from the magazine. As the handle is pushed back to its original position the arrow is pushed by the bar into the firing position.

The string is made from bungee cord which gives it the power to shoot the arrow to a range of 40-50 metres.
This crossbow required me to cut and weld metal and bolt it together. I also made the spring within the magazine by twisting metal.

Basic Crossbow 
This was the first crossbow I made using a simple design. As you pull back the bar behind the handle it puts the crossbow into a firing position and then you load your arrow underneath the metal lip by hand.
There is a safety mechanism built into the arrow which jams the trigger and string so it cannot fire accidentally.

Sniper Crossbow
This is the crossbow that I am currently working on. There's an adjustable stock with three spikes which have grooves on them which lock into the stock and can be adjusted by pressing the silver button on the side of the crossbow. The safety mechanism is the same of that in a retractable pen and gives it more of a sniper's look. Underneath there is a metal plate with grooves on it that allows the handle to slide along. It locks at two points allowing the stand to fold up underneath the gun and open as you can see in the picture. The string is twisted around pulleys so you can get more power using less space. I will continue to post more pictures as I work towards its completion.

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