Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Early stages of Rhinotaur sculpt
The base is made of wood filled in with plaster and stones to make the landscape. I made a metal frame which I bulked out with tin foil and then used super sculpy to sculpt the Rhinotaur. As you can see in this picture I based the body of the Rhinotaur on a combination of a body builder and a rhino. I created the detail of his muscles and veins to look like those of a body builder while making him bulky and stocky like a rhino 

Finished Sculpt                                                         It stands at 8 inches and is painted with acrylics. To create the arrowheads I stuck plastic to the sections of metal wire that I cut. This sculpt displays the Rhinotaur being attacked by two hunters. I wanted to convey movement as he chokes one of the hunters and drags the other one along.                                                                                    


Original Plasticine sculpt of Rhinotaur

This was my starting point ,I used a plaster head as a base and built my Rhinotaur's face on it.I used plasticine to create the face and then used baby powder to smooth it over. I didn't want to create too much expression on his face because he was only meant to be an extra in a film. The goal was to make him ugly, old, threatening and scary. To give him more character I left his horn broken.

Plaster moulds for mask and ears

By making a clay wall around the face and pouring plaster over it, I was able to make these plaster moulds.The ears had to be made in a separate mould so the plasticine could be removed.  

Latex and Vermiculite moulds for horns

The horns had to be cut off as well as the ears so the plasticine could be removed.I made the horn moulds by covering them in latex and then mixing latex and vermiculite, keeping an equal amount of the mixture around the horn by lifting it as it dries


                                                                                                 End result for Rhinotor mask

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